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Tips on filing an insurance claim

COLUMBIA, S.C., September 11, 2018 A Hurricane Watch is in effect for parts of South Carolina. Hurricane Florence is expected to make a close approach to the coastline, and landfall is possible. The powerful storm is bringing dangerous threats of storm surge, rain, flooding, and wind.

Based on the current forecast, there is the potential for significant property damage in South Carolina resulting from this powerful storm,
said Russ Dubisky, executive director of the South Carolina Insurance Association.

In the event that you have damage to your home, car or business, here are some important things to remember:

It is important to start the claims process soon. Contact your insurance agent or company, or call the claims number directly (see below). Some hints:

  1. If it is safe to do so, survey the damage so you can tell your insurance company about your losses. Take videos or photographs to document the damage if possible.
  2. Find your insurance policy and have your policy number handy when you are ready to make your claim.
  3. Provide your insurance agent with your home inventory if you have one.

Make any temporary repairs necessary to protect your home from further damage.

  1. Cover broken windows and damaged roofs if possible.
  2. Keep receipts for all materials used.
  3. Do not dispose of damaged personal property until an adjuster has examined it.

Phone numbers to make insurance claims:

Allstate: (800) ALLSTATE or (800) 54-STORM
Arrowhead Universal: (866) 519-1302
Auto-Owners: (888) 252-4626
Bankers: (800)765-9700
Centauri: (866) 215-7574
Farmers: (800) 435-7764
Foremost: (800) 274-7865
Frontline: (866) 673-0623
GEICO: (800) 841-3000
Gulfstream: (866) 485-3005
Harford Mutual: (877) 445-5826
Lighthouse Property: (877) 852-0606 (option 2)
Nationwide: (800) 421-3535
St. John’s: (877) 748-2059
S.C. Farm Bureau: (800) 799-7500
S.C. Wind and Hail Underwriting Association: (800) 236-1873
Southern Mutual: (800) 226-1919
Southern Mutual Church: (800) 922-5332
State Auto:(800) 766-1853
State Farm: (800) SF CLAIM or (800) 782-8332
Travelers:(800) 252-4633
Universal North America: (866) 999-0898
USAA:(800) 531-8722

For more information, contact the South Carolina Insurance News Service at 803-252-3455 or use our contact form.